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The Luther Family Association

The LUTHER FAMILY ASSOCIATION was organized at Swansea, Mass. July 4, 1936 for the purpose of continuing the genealogy of the descendants of Captain John Luther, first of this name to arrive in America (Boston, ca 1635) and his sons, Samuel and Hezekiah.


All persons bearing blood of this line, regardless of family name, are members of the LFA.


We are strictly a non-profit organization funded only by cash contributions;

All employment is voluntary; no wages are paid;

All expenditures are accounted for and a treasurers' report is available upon request.


The LFA objectives are:

(A) Publication of a quarterly newsletter of our family history.
(B) Collection and recording of the family's genealogy for publication. 

(C) To promote regional and national reunions. 


Since we are a non-profit organization cash donations are necessary to keep the LFA active.

A contribution of $15 or more per year will provide the donor a year subscription to download our quarterly published LUTHER FAMILY NEWSLETTER.  


Please contribute to the Luther Family Association several ways:


Annual membership paid through our MEMBERSHIP page (includes newsletter subscription). 


One -time donation/contribution (suggested $10) through our "Donate to the LFA" Campaign.   Your assistance helps us fund our genealogy efforts (newsletter publication, "The Luther Family Genealogy" publication as well as national and regional reunions.  Please click here to go to our DONATATION PAGE.


(If it is a hardship to contribute and would like to receive the newsletter please email us and let us know.

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